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Tailor-Made and Targeted

We support you and your leaders through team-coaching and consulting services.  This usually involves getting to know you and your goals, then creating a series of short meetings and/or workshops to map out the path forward.


Our special areas of focus are outlined below and will be tailored to your needs and resources. 


Marketing for Your Business

Creating an Intimate Customer Journey

Your marketing is the essential link to your customer and a successful one will leave a memorable imprint.  Today the dialogue with your customer occurs on multiple levels. This requires us to create an authentic relationship whilst also being consistent to our image and messaging.


Our small team of experts has experience across all stages of marketing and can tailor a package that works within your resources and resonates with your customer.

Services: Services

Sustainability Practices

For Better Transparency

Tomorrow's companies will all be asked to share their commitment to sustainable business practices. This will require an honest assessment of the business, and new, simplified processes that offer full access to information. 

Supply chain checks, traceability measures, data sheets, and easy-to-find facts are already what your customers expect. We can help you to audit, implement and communicate your sustainability initiatives, side-stepping potential greenwashing and improving your value to our planet.

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Board of Directors

Support and Guidance

A board director offers support and guidance, challenges and questions, and provides a secure framework for growth. Most young companies would greatly benefit from a seasoned and professional board, which can make a significant and positive impact on the business.

In Switzerland, board directors have the added burden of liability, and finding the right one at the right time is an endeavor.  We have access to a large network of accredited board directors spanning multiple areas of expertise and industries.


Pitching and Investor Outreach


Raising capital for your young business is almost a full-time job, and managing this enormous project, and your efforts, is a challenge.


The right pitch, a stellar deck, the confidence of your delivery, term sheets, business plans, discount rates… it’s a business in and of itself and can be overwhelming.

Let us support you in your fundraising activities.  We will polish your pitch deck, prep you for your presentations, review your financials and facilitate introductions.  All within your tight budget.

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