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Toolkits for Tomorrow’s Leaders 

Consulting, education, speaking and coaching services tailored to your needs.


We bring you easy-to-implement solutions that will result in quick ROI and enhanced team engagement.


Whether via a training course on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, a Marketing Road Map for your young company, or leadership coaching, we want you to see great results quickly.

About secion

How We Work

We work through referrals from happy customers.

We plan a short meeting to understand your needs, then we will make an offer that encompasses one or more of the below.


  • Training courses in specific topics.

  • Personal development workshops.

  • Topical research presentations 


  • Skill audits of your teams.

  • Action plans for DEI, sustainability programs.

  • Marketing reviews & updates.

  • Communication strategies.


  • Team coaching for entrepreneurs.

  • Career coaching for managers.

  • Leadership coaching for team leads.

  • Mentoring for entrepreneurs.

how we work

Our USP's

Image by Peter F

Our Know-How


  • Marketing & communications

  • Global trends in consumer habits

  • Sustainability & transparency - CSRD

  • International business development

  • Sales and Fundraising


  • Diversity, equality & inclusion

  • Self confidence & well-being

  • Communication, networking & promotion

  • Career management

  • Presentation & public speaking


  • Lifestyle, fashion, consumer goods

  • Luxury goods and selective retail

  • Aesthetics, skin care and cosmeceuticals

  • Sustainable chemicals

  • Social services & non-profits

Our Customers

Tomorrow’s leaders
Our clients are all striving to improve our planet through initiatives in
equality * diversity * sustainability * well-being


Established companies who wish to improve skills, performance and team engagement through trainings, workshops or team coaching.


Start-ups and founders looking for support to navigate the future and grow their business.


Professionals in a growth mindset who are focused on career evolution, work-life balance and personal development.

Image by Robert Collins


Our mantra is continuous quality. We offer you expertise, tools and knowledge based on proven science, up-to-date business facts and the latest research. 


Our experts are seasoned professionals and usually know which service or tools will be the best suited and bring the quickest wins. All our tools are easy to implement and scaleable.


High performance means managing priorities, and focus will always win out over multi-tasking. We support you to make the right choices and will never offer you what you do not need. 


Your mission is our motivation, and we have no intention of overselling, over-billing, or charging outrageous fees.  We pack a lot of learning and practice into every program.

know how

Alicia M. Schweiger

Founder with a Purpose

I have dedicated the first half of my career to building and growing beautiful brands across the globe and digitally, and supporting teams to do the same. As an experienced business leader, I'm proud to count hundreds of business success stories. As a recognised lecturer, and certified educator and coach, I have trained and coached over 10’000 international professionals. 


I am an accredited board director in Switzerland and I support start-ups and SME's in their growth phases. I have specialised know-how and a large network in luxury consumer goods. I also deliver key notes on the subjects of female entrepreneurship.

Minodiaire is dedicated to my current mission to support leaders who are striving to improve the state of our planet. 



Our experts come from a variety of industries, businesses and backgrounds.

Psychologists, Coaches and Adult Educators.

Executives, Marketing & Communications Experts, Digital Creators, Sales Professionals and Engineers. 

Academics, Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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