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Who are the typical customers for your services?

Our clients come from all industries and professions. Some examples are:

  • Established companies who wish to improve their performance and team engagement through initiatives in equality, diversity, sustainability and well-being. 

  • Smaller companies scaling their operations and implementing formalised processes, leadership trainings, defined metrics, or coaching in specific areas.

  • New company owners who can round out their skill set or wish to complement their small team with external resources.

  • Individual leaders who would like to perfect their communication and management techniques through practical workshops with other professionals like themselves.

Our clients all share a desire to improve the world and a motivation to become great leaders for the future.  

How can start-ups or entrepreneurs afford your services?

New businesses are always short on staff, and entrepreneurs have to do everything.  A crucial part of building a business is implementing clear processes internally from the beginning.  But when you are in the thick of things, you do not always have the bandwidth for continuous quality initiatives.
Entrepreneurs can always benefit from additional, outside support that centers around specific areas. Engineering entrepeneurs need support in marketing, tech entrepreneurs need support to develop sales strategies. External specialist coaches can be useful, especially if they are experienced in working with start-ups.
One of our USP’s is our honesty with our clients.  We will always be straight with business owners so they avoid investing in unnecessary measures. And we know many shortcuts that will help entrepreneurs to save money on services.

How do you tailor your services to your customer’s needs?

We speak at length with our clients to determine three things:

  1. Your main goals – what do you want to achieve and in what time frame.

  2. Your primary needs in terms of content.  Which topics or areas and which educational format (coaching, workshops) makes the most sense.

  3. Your budget and available resources.

Then we tailor the program that is best suited for our clients according to the above criteria.

Many times, especially with small companies or limited resources, this involves setting priorities.  Every stage of your business will demand a different focus.  And depending on your type of business, your product and customer, or your HR needs, we will select to postpone some activities and focus on others. 

How do you choose the topics of your workshops?

Our workshop themes focus on key communication skills that have become essential in business.  These represent the topics that are most searched on google and read about on Linked In, appear often in HBR articles and Ted Talks.  They are also the most important skills for the gig economy, in which a straight career path is unusual, and every manager will have to regularly present his or her skill set.
A common need of all leaders is an ability to sell themselves and an idea. Communicating the benefits of their businesses, their own personal USP’s, success stories and a vision for the future are prerequisites to success. But these skills can be challenging for many professionals, especially technical experts, introverts and shy people.
Luckily, there are simple techniques that are accessible to everyone.  These techniques, combined with practice, can bring remarkably quick results.

In what way are your services targeted for leaders of the future?

We offer support and guidance to individuals and teams who want to improve the world through sustainability, gender equality, diversity or well being initiatives.  For example:

  • Companies which are initiating specific programs in these areas, such as improving their workplace in terms of well-being, or implementing changes to their products or supply chain to have a better environmental impact.  

  • Companies striving to promote more women to senior roles, or to provide more transparent information to their customers.

  • Start-ups that offer products or services which will have a positive impact on the environment, or promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Individuals who want to be better leaders, favouring a holistic approach to management that includes the well-being and development of their teams.

We prioritise work with clients who are moving the needle. Their primary mission is to improve normal business for a better tomorrow. 

Who are your experts?

As a new company, we are building up our network of experts. Today, we are pleased to count 8 professionals who help to support our customers, depending on the mandate or topic. They are in the following professions:

  • Behavioural psychologist, specialised in personal development through coaching and adult education.

  • Strengths trainer and educator, specialised in uncovering the strengths of leaders.

  • Organisational development specialist, specialised in group coachings and leadership tools.

  • Marketing expert with a background in consumer goods, digital tools and sales funnels.

  • Finance specialists, with expertise in fundraising, business planning, controlling, budgeting, and reporting.

  • Lawyer, offering legal services for small companies in Switzerland.

  • IT specialist offering cloud services, hardware and web hosting.

We will be adding more workshops to our agenda facilitated by our specialists depending on their expertise and on the demand.

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