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Presentation and Communication through Storytelling


An interactive course providing valuable techniques, motivation and practice to improve impactful communication and presentation. OVERVIEW Business lingo tends to make everything boring and predictable. Storytellers stand out and get noticed in meetings. They are also able to motivate teams, convince internal stakeholders, and score the best projects. Telling compelling stories, creating impactful presentations and delivering positive messages are skills that can be learned with some solid techniques and a bit of practice. This workshop examines formats for delivering important messages, such as results, updates, bad news and successes. We dispel the negative myths about gossip and office politics and teach participants how to weave stories into their reporting. Presentation techniques and stakeholder management are practiced at length. Constructive feedback sessions allow participants to track their progress. TARGET AUDIENCE Any professional who needs to work on their communication skills. Shy persons, experts striving for executive level leadership roles. Professionals in politically charged or competitive organisations who need to learn to navigate the environment with less stress and more positivity. Senior leaders required to present often to groups. TAKE-AWAYS Participants have mastered several different communication formats such as presentations, negotiations, reporting, and stakeholder management. They understand how self-marketing and storytelling can help them in their careers and make their professional lives richer and more rewarding. All participants will have learned several small techniques to share valuable information at work and communicate positively about their strengths and successes without appearing arrogant or bragging. FORMAT Interactive format with group work, role-play, and discussions. In person or online via zoom. Max participants 15. Duration: 1 to 3 days of training Half-day follow-up and/or individual coaching sessions organised as per client needs. Language: English CONTENT Theory for key learnings based on the most scientific findings in business psychology. Group discussions and debates. Scenario-based role play for self-promotion, sharing information, pitching ideas. Tools to use in daily work environment. External resources via handouts, weblinks and book suggestions. Diplomas


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