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Journey to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


The DEI training program that actually works, teaching leaders how to optimise diverse teams, eliminate unconscious bias and actively cultivate inclusion. OVERVIEW The business case for diversity is now obvious. Diverse teams make better decisions and yield better performance, across all levels. New regulations will soon mandate open communication on diversity and equality KPI’s. To be a true reflection of today’s society, all Swiss companies need more female, more minority, more LGBTQ and more disabled professionals at senior levels. But this cultural shift to be more inclusive will require some agreed-on best practices, a common language, openness, empathy and practice. This course facilitates this shift to ensure that all teams are comfortable with new DEI best practices. Your professionals will gain the motivation and the tools needed to transform themselves into advocates for equality. TARGET AUDIENCE Managers at all levels. Two sessions are gender split to reflect the largest diversity and equality differences in Swiss-based companies. TAKE-AWAYS Awareness - The Business Case for Diversity - Participants know the accepted terminology and language, common best practices and habits, and professional trends of DEI. They understand the importance of Incusion in their workplace and how that contributes to enhanced engagement and better performance. How & Why Inequality Happens - Participants can relate their own identity issues to their professional environment. They understand unconscious bias and can practice recognizing their own stereotypes. Professional Tools for Incusion - Participants know the behavivor needed to better accept and accommodate others’ differences. They understand that professionalism takes priority above wokism and they know how to leverage diversity in their teams. Practical Application - Participants have a strong understanding of the e FORMAT Interactive format with group work, role-play, and discussions. • In person only. 12 to 15 participants. • Duration: One to two days, split into half-day sessions if needed. • Language: English CONTENT Theory for key learnings based on up-to-date scientific findings organizational research and behavioural psychology. Group discussions and debates. Scenario-based role play with video. Tools and action plans to use in daily work environment. External resources via handouts, weblinks and book suggestions. Diploma.


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