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Build a High Impact Marketing Roadmap


An in-depth information session that covers the A to Z of marketing for small businesses, including the various tools and KPI’s and addressing personal questions. OVERVIEW Your marketing strategy is the essential link to your customer and a successful one leaves a memorable imprint. Although endless, the marketing topic should not be scary for new business leaders. Learn how to apply marketing across the different stages of your business, and when to tackle which marketing activity. From branding and corporate identity to the tools you plan to use – including digital marketing, budgeting and KPI’s. This introductory first session provides an overview of the marketing function and where each area of marketing fits into your business. TARGET AUDIENCE Junior marketing professionals. New entrepreneurs or small business leaders. Professionals transitioning into a marketing function for the first time. Digital experts working in one specific area but wanting to understand the big picture of marketing. TAKE-AWAYS Participants will have gained a full overview of what marketing is and how it works. They will understand how to create a relationship with the customer and how this relationship differs from business to business. Participants will learn what type of marketing tools are used for specific scenarios or needs and understand how to measure the impact of these tools. They will learn how to plan marketing activities across all areas of the business. FORMAT Information and theory shared in presentation format. Some personal scenarios are addressed, as are questions. Online via zoom. Max participants 20. Duration: 2hours. Customised coaching sessions can then be tailored to specific needs. Language: English CONTENT Theory for key learnings based on up-to-date marketing methodologies. Group discussions and Q&A session. Tools to use in daily work environment. External resources via handouts, weblinks and book suggestions. Personal checklist.


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