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Allies, Mentors & Sponsors... Coaching techniques for leaders


ONE-LINER Team coaching sessions for leaders to provide techniques, practice and feedback for mentoring and sponsorship roles. OVERVIEW Companies that have mentorship programs are found to boost promotion and retention rates for women by 15-38% and 67% of women view mentorship as a highly important factor contributing to their career advancement. However, only 10% of women actually have a mentor during their career. Most senior professionals are either concerned about the time commitment needed for mentoring, or they do not believe they have the expertise. This workshop provides the essential and easy techniques for taking on all supportive leadership roles, be it as a mentor, a sponsor, a coach, or an ally. TARGET AUDIENCE Senior professionals with decision-making influence who want to support women, minorities, and younger generations to move up. Team and project managers committed to DEI initiatives. TAKE-AWAYS Participants set their own targets to take on development roles in their organisations. They understand the difference between mentoring, coaching, allyship and sponsorship. They will learn and understand valuable techniques for succeeding as a mentor, coach, or sponsor, such as: • Communication and feedback techniques • Mirroring, questioning, solutions-oriented coaching • Being a good bystander, leveraging networks, advising FORMAT Three two-hour sessions In person and/or online Max participants 15 Follow-up sessions as per client needs. Language: English CONTENT Socratic style workshops sessions. Techniques, practice and feedback. Group discussions and debates. Tools to use in daily work environment. External resources via handouts, weblinks and book suggestions. Professional certificate.


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