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Sustainability strategies and their impact


ONE-LINER An instructive workshop in which professionals enhance their knowledge of and vocabulary around sustainability and connect their own practices to the sustainable goals of their organization. OVERVIEW Most successful companies are now thankfully engaging their teams in sustainability strategies. But does everyone understand what this means and their own personal contributions to that? This workshop provides a common vocabulary for managers to understand and communicate around sustainable initiatives. We examine pragmatic sustainable practices and how they contribute to the company’s overall strategy. UN Sustainable Development Goals are discussed and connected with the business’s activities. The company’s strategy in sustainability is broken down and evaluated for easy clarification. TARGET AUDIENCE Senior-level professionals with decision-making influence. Team and project managers who need to engage their teams in sustainability initiatives. Experts responsible for overseeing sustainability data and KPI’s. Marketing managers who will be messaging in sustainability strategy internally and externally. TAKE-AWAYS Participants will understand the sustainability strategy of their company and the goals that their organization strives to meet. They will learn and understand the various terms used to discuss sustainability measures. Participants will be able to connect the practices within their departments to the overall sustainability strategy of the company. They will know how to communicate about their organization’s sustainable initiatives clearly and consistently. All participants leave the course engaged with the potential long-term outcomes of their organization’s sustainability initiatives. FORMAT Full, interactive format that includes individual and group work, presentations, and open discussions. In person and/or online Max participants 12 Duration: 1 full day training, follow-up sessions as per client needs. Language: English CONTENT Theory for key learnings based on the client’s specific strategy. Questionnaire, quizzes, handouts and checklists. Group discussions and debates. Scenario-based project work and presentations. Tools to use in daily work environment. External resources via handouts, weblinks and book suggestions.


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