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Self Confidence in Business and in Life


An interactive course that examines the physical science of self-confidence and provides tools and practice for professionals to build up and maintain their own confidence levels for career success OVERVIEW Positivity, Strength, and Calm. Strong but healthy confidence levels have a positive impact on your career and contribute to your well-being. Confident individuals radiate positive energy, create strong relationships, and deliver good results. But sometimes factors beyond our control will inhibit our own confidence and dampen enthusiasm, holding us back professionally. This course examines the science of confidence and how to apply it to your own life. You will create your own confidence action plan with activities that are easy to integrate into day-to-day work life. TARGET AUDIENCE Mid-level professionals looking for a career boost. Shy persons and/or specialists striving for higher leadership roles. Teams encountering change, restructuring or new management, or individuals going through moments of low motivation High-performance, stressful environments that demand peak performance and positive competition from their team members. TAKE-AWAYS Participants will understand how self-confidence can help to enhance their professional performance. They will know the difference between confidence and arrogance and will understand the origins of their own self-confidence. Participants will know various confidence-building techniques to practice in their own work environments. They will have practiced communicating with confidence in professional role plays. All participants will draft their own personal action plan of weekly activities that will help them to cultivate and maintain their confidence levels. FORMAT Interactive format with group work, role-play, and discussions. In person or online via zoom. Max participants 12. Duration: 1 full day training Half-day follow-up and/or individual coaching sessions organised as per client needs. Language: English CONTENT Theory for key learnings based on scientific findings in behavioural psychology. Group discussions and debates. Scenario-based role play. Tools to use in daily work environment. External resources via handouts, weblinks and book suggestions. Personal action plan based on time-boxing concept.


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