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Gender Equality & Inclusion driven by Men


This course transforms white male professionals into allies, sponsors and supporters for gender equality and diversity; giving them the tools to implement DEI best practices through the entire organisation. OVERVIEW What will it take for women, persons of color and LGBTQ professionals to reach their full potential? And who has the most leverage to meet the new equality and diversity KPI’s? The answer to both is… Men. Studies show that when white men advocate for diversity, there is less resistance and better implementation of DEI programs. This hands-on course speaks directly to professional men who wish to become better diversity advocates. It gives them the practical tools to excel as sponsors and allies. It also covers how to spread the business case for diversity at work and train their teams in modern best practices. When men support diversity and inclusion, everyone benefits, and the workplace becomes a better space for all. TARGET AUDIENCE Senior-level male professionals with influence on the careers of others. All professionals who want to understand the new “inclusive” world, vocabulary and best practices and are willing to challenge their own gender biases to support diversity. Companies that want to see real impact in their inclusion KPI’s. Professionals from male-dominant professions or industries who are faced with “mandated” diversity goals. TAKE-AWAYS Participants can sell the business case for diversity in their own organisations. They know the accepted terminology and language, and the professional trends of DEI. They understand the importance of Incusion in their workplace and how that contributes to enhanced engagement and better performance. Participants have a strong understanding of the effective techniques to enhance inclusion in their workplace. They have developed measureable goals for their teams that contribute to overall diversity targets. FORMAT Intensive, interactive format with group project work, presentations, and honest debate and discussions. In person only. Max participants 12. Duration: 1.5 to 2-days training Half-day follow-up and/or individual coaching sessions organised as per needs. Language: English CONTENT & METHODS Theory for key learnings based on the most recent scientific findings in professional EQUITY & INCLUSION research. Questionnaires, polls & quizzes, handouts, and checklists. Group discussions and debates, roll-play, and feedback. Scenario-based project work and st


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