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EngiLab Rod is an application designed to help engineering students and professionals to view the movement of a truss as it is under the influence of forces. The interface is simple to use, it is designed such that beginners can learn and professionals can improve their creative work.The module features:- loading the truss model from the clipboard and from a repository on a hard disk- drawings performed in accordance to the `Principles of Engineering: Mathematics, Stresses, Forces`- generates diagrams of the applied loads- detailed force, stress, strain and animation diagrams- you can also measure the deflection of the truss- the dimensions of the trusses can be changed as well- the right mouse button can be used to display the control points- you can continue in the same page the previously drawn truss- load the truss with 2D objects such as 2D triangles, 2D circles, 2D rectangles and 2D rounded rectangles- use the measuring function to control the size of the 2D objects- generate images of the truss in the background using the universal bmp formatEngiLab Rod ModulesWorking With RoutersThe Routers Module is a simple module developed to help you:- know the tables about the simplest routers- to draw the simplest router- determine the size of the meshes- see the working of the router- determine the material of the meshes, the number of layers and the thickness of each layerThe strengthThe strength Module has many important features.It helps you:- know the fundamentals of strength- find the value of the strength (strength of the first and second elements, total strength of the element and the module, the amount of foundation)- generate tables of strength- get a graph of the strength- generate the diagram of the stress and strainThe stressThe stress Module has many important features.It helps you:- determine the deformation of the first elements of the trusses- determine the deformation of the layers of the trusses- determine the deformation of the trusses- generate tables of stress- analyze the stress- generate the stress and strain diagram- generate the diagram of the stress and strain- know the characteristics of the graphs of the stress and strainThe animationThe animation Module is simple to use. 08929e5ed8

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